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User Management in Business Central (EBC89970)

30 videos | 56 min | Business Central | English

Prerequisites: Essentials

Get an overview of user management in Dynamics 365 Business Central in this online training. We will gradually go through all steps to set up an efficient permission system in Business Central. We start with simple user set up and then deal with permission sets, user groups, and matrix windows. In the next chapter, you will also learn about advanced settings options, and, finally, we will also deal with the subject of data privacy.

permission,user,user group,user personalizations,user experience,permission recorder,security filter,Credential Type,change log,data classification

Version: Business Central Language: English

  • Introduction
  • The concept of permission management
  • The role center for administering users
  • Creating a user OnPremise
  • Creating a user in the cloud sample
  • User experience in the company information
  • Managing user rights
  • Adding a permission set
  • Copying a permission set
  • Importing/exporting permission sets
  • Creating a user group
  • Assigning permissions to a user
  • The permission recorder
  • Special permission sets
  • Effective user permission
  • Matrix windows
  • Direct/indirect permissions
  • Assigning security filters
  • Deactivating a user
  • Advanced user Management
  • Property UI element removal
  • Credential types
  • User set up and user peronalization sample
  • The user review log
  • Managing users in the Microsoft 365 admin center
  • Permissions for Extensions
  • Data Privacy
  • User time registers
  • Change log entries sample
  • Setting up data classifications
  • Data Classifications
  • The data privacy utility
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