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Azure Functions in Business Central (EBC008011)

18 videos | 51 min | Business Central | English
Prerequisites: AL C#
In this video training you will get an introduction to the use of Azure Functions in AL programming for Business Central. You start with an overview and then create a first function step by step. In the second chapter you will learn how to address this Azure function with the AL programming language and thus integrate it into the Business Central application.

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Version: Business Central Language: English

  • General Introduction
  • What are Azure Functions
  • Areas of application - Azure Functions in Business Central
  • Types of Azure Functions sample
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Azure Functions background
  • Overview billing models
  • Azure Functions Creation
  • The development environment
  • Configure Visual Studio Code
  • Create a new Azure Function
  • Structure of an Azure Function
  • Azure Function deployment
  • Azure Function execution sample
  • Authentication
  • Configiration of the host file
  • Using Azure Functions in AL
  • Integration of external references
  • Create AL objects to use Azure Function
  • Process a HTTP request in AL sample
  • Testing Azure Function example in Business Central
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