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Introduction to the Power Platform (EPP9999)

33 videos | 5 h 36 min | Power Platform | English
Prerequisites: Dynamics 365 Essentials

The Power Platform and Dynamics 365 for Sales gives you powerful customization and app building features to build complex applications with no need to write a single line of code.
It’s time to learn how to build your model driven app like a Pro. Model driven apps such as Dynamics 365 for Sales are based on a framework so called common data service, the CDS. That includes many more functions in addition to data storage. In this video training you will get a technical overview about the CDS and you will learn to create your own app. You will also work with power automate and the workflow engine.

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Dauer: 5H 36 MIN Language: English

  • Introduction to the Common Data Service
  • What is Common Data Service?
  • Types of Forms
  • Common Data Model sample
  • Register a trial
  • Get started with the CDS
  • Concept of Entities
  • Relational data model
  • Fields sample
  • Edit CDS data in Excel
  • Filtered views
  • Form basics
  • Build your first app
  • Build a small app with CDS and relations between entities
  • Tracing app - work with relations
  • Create a publisher and a solution
  • Create a new entity
  • Add a relation sample
  • Create an app and test it
  • New entity and editable grid
  • Quick view form
  • Manuel Intersec mapping and business rule
  • Charts and dashboards
  • Advanced customization and security
  • How CDS operates
  • Optionset vs Lookup
  • Relationship behaviors
  • Alternate key
  • Rollup and calculated
  • Security model
  • Export solution
  • CDS XrmToolBox
  • Automation
  • Workflow vs Powerautomate 1 - Classic
  • Workflow vs Powerautomate 2 - Flow
  • Workflow vs Powerautomate 3 - Button
  • Business Rules
  • Further information
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