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Introduction to the Power Platform (EPP9999-klonen)

33 videos | 5 h 36 min | Power Platform | English
Prerequisites: Dynamics 365 Essentials

Dieser Kurs ist aufgrund der Relevanz und der Zielgruppe des Themas ausschließlich in Englisch verfügbar. Der Kurs ist daher auch im Premium Abo der deutschen Inhalte inkludiert.

The Power Platform and Dynamics 365 for Sales gives you powerful customization and app building features to build complex applications with no need to write a single line of code.
It’s time to learn how to build your model driven app like a Pro. Model driven apps such as Dynamics 365 for Sales are based on a framework so called common data service, the CDS. That includes many more functions in addition to data storage. In this video training you will get a technical overview about the CDS and you will learn to create your own app. You will also work with power automate and the workflow engine.

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  • Introduction to the Common Data Service
  • What is Common Data Service?
  • Types of Forms
  • Common Data Model sample
  • Register a trial
  • Get started with the CDS
  • Concept of Entities
  • Relational data model
  • Fields sample
  • Edit CDS data in Excel
  • Filtered views
  • Form basics
  • Build your first app
  • Build a small app with CDS and relations between entities
  • Tracing app - work with relations
  • Create a publisher and a solution
  • Create a new entity
  • Add a relation sample
  • Create an app and test it
  • New entity and editable grid
  • Quick view form
  • Manuel Intersec mapping and business rule
  • Charts and dashboards
  • Advanced customization and security
  • How CDS operates
  • Optionset vs Lookup
  • Relationship behaviors
  • Alternate key
  • Rollup and calculated
  • Security model
  • Export solution
  • CDS XrmToolBox
  • Automation
  • Workflow vs Powerautomate 1 - Classic
  • Workflow vs Powerautomate 2 - Flow
  • Workflow vs Powerautomate 3 - Button
  • Business Rules
  • Further information
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  • Sie erhalten ein Zertifikat mit folgender Dauer: Für immer