Some of the exam questions refer to example company requirements. These requirements are known as "case studies."
This course starts with two examples of case studies. These are available in German and English. In the real exam, the case studies are used at the beginning of some questions to describe the customer site's situation and requirements.

You can answer some questions without reading the case studies. To prepare for the exam and do it in the best way, we recommend reading the case studies carefully before going through the questions.

We have established 90% as the pass rate for successful exam preparation. Achieving this level of proficiency ensures a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that is necessary for success on the exam.

Official vendor exams are often based on recommendations from software vendors, which may not align with practical experience or opinions. Test-takers should approach preparation with a critical mindset and seek additional guidance to ensure a comprehensive understanding of exam material.

In order to increase the effectiveness of learning and practicing, the test was additionally divided into three segments. This allows systematic progress to attempt the full test. In addition, this approach facilitates learning in shorter time intervals.


To prepare for the exam, we recommend reading the case studies and then answering the questions.
If an answer seems unclear to you, you can open the case study and search for the requirement. Sometimes this might help to understand it.  In the end, however, some questions are answered that way because it was defined that way.

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Microsoft Exam Description and MB-800 Study Guide

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